Trainee Association

The Research Institute’s Trainee Association (RITA) was created in 2013 to help better train and prepare trainees for their “next steps.” All trainees at The Research Institute may participate, including graduate students, postdoctoral scientists and fellows. RITA is similar to other postdoctoral associations at universities and is modeled after guidelines established by the National Postdoctoral Association (of which The Research Institute is a member).

RITA’s leadership team consists of trainees nominated and elected by their peers. They receive guidance and assistance from an advisory committee of faculty co-advisors and research administrators who are dedicated to helping trainees.

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RITA Steering Committee

RITA Officers

Ken Brockman

Ken Brockman, RITA Chair

Stephanie LaHaye

Stephanie LaHaye, Postdoctoral Representative

Bailey Dye

Bailey Dye, Networking and Resource Development Officer

Nizar Saad

Nizar Saad, Professional Development Officer

Shibi Likhite

Shibi Likhite, International Representative

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Adrianna Matos Nieves, Community Outreach Officer

Administrative Coordinators