Research Post Doctoral Fellows

As one of the top ten freestanding pediatric research centers in the country, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital is dedicated to life-long learning and training for scientific investigators.

The Research Institute offers Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities for those individuals who recently received their degree in many of The Research Institute's research laboratories. Areas of emphasis include gene therapy, vaccines and immunity, perinatal research, injury research, cardiovascular and pulmonary research, genetics, clinical and translational research, microbial pathogenesis, computational biology and mathematical medicine, pediatric cancers and blood diseases, and biobehavioral health. Fellowships can range from two to five years in length.

Persons interested in a postdoctoral fellow position should use the Nationwide Children’s Hospital job search to find available positions. You may also review our principal investigators' profiles to identify researchers who may be doing work of interest to you.

The Research Institute's Trainee Association

The Research Institute’s Trainee Association (RITA) was created in 2013 to help better train and prepare trainees for their “next steps.” All trainees at The Research Institute may participate, including graduate students, postdoctoral scientists and fellows. RITA is similar to other postdoctoral associations at universities and is modeled after guidelines established by the National Postdoctoral Association (of which The Research Institute is a member).

For more information, please visit the RITA website.