Luminometry Instrumentation

In addition to the traditional cytometers the flow lab has two other luminometers available for your use.

Bio-Plex Suspension Array System

The Bio-Plex luminometer is a flow based, dual laser system for simultaneous identification and quantification of up to 100 different analytes in a single microplate well. The basis of this technology is sets of microscopic, color-coded beads, each conjugated to a different reactant. Reactants can include DNA, enzyme substrates, receptors, antigens ,antibodies etc. Assays are performed in 96 well plates yielding a possibility of 9600 data points on samples as small as 50 uL. Applications for the Bioplex include immunoassays, enzyme assays, DNA hybridization assays, receptor-ligand assays and signal transduction studies, to name a few. View a thorough overview of the Bio-Plex unit here.

Wallac 1420 Multilabel Counter

The Wallac 1420 is a complete platform for quantitative detection of light emitting or light absorbing markers using a 96 well plate format. Applications include fluorometry, luminometry and photometry with UV absorbance. The use of a continuous wave lamp along with excitation filters of 355 nm and 485 nm coupled with emission filters of 460 nm and 535 nm provides conventional flourescence measuring capabilitiies. Filters for the most common absorption wavelengths of 405, 450 and 490 nm apply to photometry applications.