We can help you with every component of your research data processing pipeline, from data acquisition/access, cleaning, management, to sharing. We work closely with RISI Operations, hospital Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) group, hospital Data Resource Center (DRC), Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR), Clinical Research Services (CRS), Compliance Office, IRB, and many others. Below are the functional areas we support. We are evaluating and adding new systems and tools on an ongoing basis. Please feel free to send your suggestions to

  • Clinical Research/Trial and Basic Research Data Management Systems/Tools

    • Electronic Data Capture and Surveys - REDCap, OpenClinica, Select Survey, InfoPath, ADM

    • Paperbased Data Capture - Teleforms/LiquidOffice

    • Electronic Lab Notebook - CERF

    • Database Design and Implementation:

      • Microsoft SQL Server and  Services (SSRS, SSIS, SSAS), PowerView / PowerPivot

      • Other Databases : Oracle, MySQL, Postgre, Access

  • Statistical Software Support

    • SAS Server, SAS Desktop, SPSS, STATA, Stat Transfer

  • Research Project Website Design / Development / Implementation

    • SharePoint, WordPress/Joomla, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Java, .NET

  • Project Management and Collaboration Tools

    • JIRA, Confluence

Research Computing Services

We are a new unit at The Research Institute. Our goal is to help you by providing basic bioinformatics services, from installing the software that you need to perform your research to providing basic bioinformatics analysis. Members of our team have been involved in projects ranging from statistical genetics suites to text mining for proteomics analyses to custom web portals for research. Below are some examples of the services that we can provide:

  • Assess, install and support scientific software

    • Statistical Genetics: PLINK, Merlin, Solar, Mendel

    • Molecular Dyanmics: VMD, NAMD, PyMol

    • Data Visualization: VTK, PyMol, D3

    • Sequence Analysis: Blast, Fasta, ClustalW

  • Create data/analysis processing pipelines

    • Automate file format conversion or input file preparations using scripts (Shell scripting, Perl, Python etc.)

    • Automate workflow of your multi-step data and analysis process

  • Assist with high performance and cluster computing tasks

    • Parallelize jobs, distribute jobs to OSC, develop specialized resources

  • Develop new software and computational tools

    • Kelvin

  • 3D printing

Service requests can be submitted by emailing, or by calling the help desk (614) 355-5600 between 8 am to 5 pm.