The Research Information Solutions and Innovation Project Management Office (RISI PMO) provides project management resources, methodology guidelines, project portfolio management, project entrance & prioritization, project analysis tools & techniques, annual planning & reporting, and structured PM training and mentoring.


  • Develop, implement and maintain standardized, fundamentally sound project management methodology for use on all IS projects.
  • Create, execute and maintain an ongoing educational program for project management and its methodologies.
  • Provide mentoring to develop project managers.
  • Maintain an active list of current and future projects and facilitate communication amongst key stakeholders in regard to these projects. (Also referred to as "Project Portfolio Management".)
  • Facilitate IS Project Portfolio Management by prioritizing key projects and providing a process for resource allocation and capacity management related to these projects.
  • Develop and maintain a consistent process for handling projects that come through any time of the year.
  • Benchmark, communicate, and implement project management best practices.
  • Assist in business case development for the justification of technology related projects.
  • Advise Management on the status, schedule, issues, risks and financial details of all key IS projects.
  • Create repeatable processes for similar projects.
  • Create a process for project assessments and recommendations for the life cycle and structure for project execution. (Approach and assessment based on size, dollars and complexity.)
  • Identify, determine ways to mitigate, and communication common project risks.
  • Select and maintain project management tools.

PMO Methodology

  • Concept and Approval Phase
  • Initiating Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Executing and Controlling Phase
  • Closing Phase
  • Change Control