Lab Staff

Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson, PhD
Principal Investigator

Eric Nelson is Principal investigator and Director of Neuroimaging research at the center for Biobehavioral Health of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Eric received a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience in 1995 at Bowling Green State University under the guidance of Jaak Panksepp and did postdoctoral training at Indiana University and the University of Wisconsin before joining the Intramural Research Program at the National Institute of Mental Health in 2001. In 2016, Dr. Nelson joined the faculty of the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and was appointed Professor of Pediatrics at the Ohio State University. Dr. Nelson has published widely in the field of developmental and affective neuroscience and is a member of the Society for Neuroscience and Flux Congress of Developmental Neuroscience.

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Whitney Mattson, PhD
Research Scientist

Whitney Mattson is a Research Scientist in the Brain Development an Social Cognition Lab, supervising data collection and analysis, as well as participating in the reporting of scientific findings. Before joining the Research Institute, Whitney received a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Miami and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Psychology Department at the University of Michigan. Whitney’s research examines the impact of early experiences and psychopathology on later affective and neural development, and how these experiences result in resilient or risky trajectories. His work employs techniques from multiple disciplines, including machine learning, eye-tracking/computer vision, and multi-level modeling.

Michele Morningstar

Michele Morningstar, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow

Michele Morningstar is a post-doctoral fellow in the Brain Development and Social Cognition Lab. She obtained a PhD in Clinical Psychology at McGill University. Her research interests focus on the development of social cognition and emotional skills from childhood to adulthood. This line of research integrates methods from multiple disciplines, including linguistics, developmental psychology, and affective neuroscience, to better understand how basic emotional processes contribute to psychological health.

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Xiaoxue Fu, PhD
Post-doctoral Fellow

Xiaoxue (Jessie) Fu is a post-doctoral fellow in the Brain Development and Social Cognition Lab. She obtained a PhD in developmental psychology at Penn State University. Her research interests are on socioemotional development and emotion regulation across child and adolescent development. Dr. Fu is interested in developing a multi-method approach to get a better understanding of how brain maturation and socioemotional behavior intersect across development. She is particularly interested in the use of eye-tracking and fNIRS in younger children in addition to functional MRI in late childhood and adolescence.

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