Stewart Lab

William C. L. Stewart, PhD

Principal Investigator

William is Principal Investigator and Assistant Professor in Pediatrics and Statistics. He received his PhD in Statistics with an emphasis in Statistical Genetics at the University of Washington in 2005. The Stewart Lab designs and maintains software for computationally intensive problems in genetics (e.g. the analysis of whole-genome sequence data). Their software is used worldwide and has been cited in dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles. Furthermore, with the help of clinical collaborators, they have successfully applied the software to the analysis of several complex human traits including, hypertension, diabetes, migraine, epilepsy and specific language impairment. In 2008, they received the Calderone Prize for maximizing the information in dense SNP scans. The following year, they received the Professional Schools Fund for detecting short CNVs in related individuals. Bill enjoys flying and chess. 

Shilpa Pathak, PhD

Shilpa received her post doctorate in cancer biology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Buffalo, NY and her PhD in Life Sciences from the National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health, University of Mumbai, India. Her research is focused on understanding the biology of juvenile myoclonic epilepsy using clinical samples and a transgenic mouse model. The majority of her time is spent in designing and conducting experiments especially epigenetic assays, compilation and statistical analysis of experimental results, along with deducing conclusions. She have also contributed to the writing of R01 and R21 grants to the NIH, manuscripts and abstracts for conferences.