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Parker Kligerman #77

Driving for Patient Champion, Payton Julian

Parker Kligerman

Birthdate: Aug. 8, 1990
Hometown: Westport, Conn.
Resides: Charlotte, N.C.
Hobbies: Sim racing, golf, snowboarding, working out
Twitter: @PKligerman

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Meet Payton

Hometown: Mansfield, Ohio
Age: 9
Diagnosis: Wilms tumor

Payton's journey with Nationwide Children's Hospital started in September of 2007 when his  family noticed that his stomach was very distended. After ruling out possible diagnoses with their pediatrician, the Julian family was sent to Nationwide Children's Hospital, one hour south of their hometown. A CT scan revealed a tumor on Payton's right kidney, and the cancer had spread to both of his lungs. They were taken directly to the Hematology/Oncology clinic where they diagnosed Payton with stage IV Wilms tumor. Payton was admitted right away and started chemotherapy within that week.

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After 9 months of chemo and radiation,  a major surgery to repair a bowel obstruction, and a biopsy scare, Payton is now cancer-free! Payton finished his chemo in June of 2008. He continued to have check-ups starting with CT scans, EKG's, echocardiograms, and blood-work every 3 months and has recently switched to annual check-ups.

Payton is growing-up to be a handsome, funny, athletic and very intelligent young man. His family is beyond proud of Payton for the battle he won against cancer. In Payton's words he "kicked cancer's butt!" 


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