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Ostomy Care: Ordering Supplies

Picture 1 Ordering ostomy care.

Now that your child has an ostomy, you will need to order the supplies to care for the ostomy. The wound, or ostomy, nurse is specially trained to teach you about the supplies. Know the following three things about each supply before ordering:

  • Name of the item
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • The order number for the item

This information is printed on the box each item comes in. It is very important to know this so that you can get the right supplies for your child.

Your child may need different supplies as he grows and gets older. Call the enterostomal therapist if you have questions about the supplies you are using or if you think you might need to change supplies.

Your Child's Supplies

Arranging Payment for Supplies

Ostomy supplies can be expensive. It is important to look into ways to pay for them. Be sure to check on this before you order supplies to avoid unnecessary bills.

  • Contact your insurance company or other financial help. Ask how ostomy supplies are covered and who the preferred provider is for durable medical equipment (DME) supplies.
  • If you do not have insurance, ask the nurse to contact the Case Management department. Your case manager can offer help in seeking financial aid.
  • You may need a letter or prescriptions from the doctor to receive payment for the supplies. The ostomy nurse will send a prescription to the DME Company.
  • Save your supply bills. You may need to turn them in to the insurance company or you may need to order your supplies from a specific place.

Where to Get Your Ostomy Supplies

  • Call your insurance company. Ask where you can get the supplies you will need. You can also look in the yellow pages of the telephone directory under Pharmacies and Hospital Equipment and Supplies.
  • Be sure to ask about prices, delivery and billing.
  • Ask how far ahead you should order. You do not want to run out of supplies.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask your doctor or wound/ostomy nurse.

Ostomy Care: Ordering Supplies (PDF)

HH-II-99 4/91, Revised 3/14 Copyright 1991, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

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