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“Art With Heart” Magnets Available at Bob Evans Restaurants to Benefit Nationwide Children’s Hospital

COLUMBUS, OH - 11/26/2008

Through the end of the 2008 calendar year, Bob Evans Restaurants, located in the Columbus market and outlying areas, will sell “Art With Heart” magnets to support Nationwide Children’s Hospital. The Art With Heart magnet program was designed to showcase the artful creations of Nationwide Children’s patients and highlight the care they received.

The four unique magnet designs, created by the patients, are available for purchase at Bob Evans Restaurants and are $1 each. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit Nationwide Children’s.

About the Art With Heart Artists
Shelby, 5, spent her first six weeks of life at Nationwide Children’s Hospital Memorial Tournament Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and by the time Shelby was just 2 ½-years, she already had seven surgeries to correct complications from Hirschprung’s Disease. Thanks to her doctor and the team at Nationwide Children’s, Shelby is a healthy 5-year-old who loves books and playing outside.

When Grace, 6, was born, doctors at Nationwide Children’s discovered a congenital heart defect – Tetralogy of Fallot – that required an eight-hour surgery to correct. At just four-months-old, she had lifesaving surgery at The Heart Center at Nationwide Children’s. Today, Grace is a happy, healthy first-grader who loves to draw, paint and dance. Grace’s parents are grateful for the surgeons and nurses who made her heart whole.

Jackson, 7, was born with a rare genetic disease that only occurs in one out of every 250,000 people. Chronic Granulomatous Disease prevents his immune system from fighting off fungal and bacterial infections. Jackson takes antibiotic medications each day and receives an immune booster shot three times each week. Researchers are working to find a cure and, until they do, the medicine helps Jackson live his active life as a busy first grader.

When Emily, 11, was 8-years-old, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare form of childhood cancer. Doctors at Nationwide Children’s saved her arm with innovative surgery and treatment. Today, Emily is a bright sixth grader who is full of faith, loves art, horses and her family.

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