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An estimated 3,400 infants born in Ohio annually will require delivery room resuscitation by medical personnel not specifically trained in neonatal medicine. Because of this, the Section of Neonatology at Nationwide Children’s Hospital is working to expand the use of telemedicine in an effort to better assist outlying medical facilities. Telemedicine technology allows direct visual consultation between the pediatrician and the neonatologist, and therefore, provides collaborative decision-making regarding diagnosis and condition. The high-definition connection enables doctors to see a newborn’s color and breathing, determine whether the child might be in shock and evaluate blood pressure by observing capillary refill when a finger is pressed to the baby’s chest. The network is also instrumental in determining whether a baby should be transported to Columbus – an expensive and sometimes traumatic trip for the patient and their family.


Services provided via telemedicine

  • More thorough patient assessments

  • Consults and assist with diagnosis

  • Review of CT scans, X-rays and laboratory results

  • Bridge to Transport

  • Remote daily rounds

  • Educational opportunities

The Benefits of Neonatology Telemedicine

  • Enhanced communication allows greater collaboration with Nationwide Children’s
    neonatologists who can gain more comprehensive knowledge of a patient’s case through a real-time video connection

  • Expedited transport and placement of patients that require intensive or special care services

  • Increased possibility that families can take their babies home from the hospital sooner

To learn more about the use of telemedicine with Neonatology at Nationwide Children’s, or to find out how your hospital can partner with us, visit our Telehealth page.

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