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My child has just been diagnosed with Autism - now what?

Dr. Wynn, the director of the Center for Autism Spectrum Disorders at Nationwide Children's Hospital, explains how to cope with your child's Autism diagnosis through various support groups and community resources.

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Question Slide: My child has been diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder - now what?

Dr. Jacquie Wynn: It can be scary and it can be upsetting, but I think the main thing to understand is there are paths to take, steps to take to help your child, to support your family.


Question Slide: How does Nationwide Children's support children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Dr. Jacquie Wynn: Our first step for supporting families after a child has been diagnosed with Autism is to link them with an Autism resource coordinator. We have intensive early intervention options, we have low cost parent training options, we can consult in the schools.

We' really wanted to address all the different areas that need: behavior problems, language, social issues, so we really try and do as much as we possibly can.


Question Slide: As a parent, should I join a support group?

Dr. Jacquie Wynn: It is a very positive thing to join with other families who have a child on the Autism spectrum. To gain support from them, to gain insight, to get problem solving.


We have a monthly parent support group, actually family support group, really can be for the wider range of family members that need that kind of connection. We do it every month, then it's really a positive experience for families to get that kind of connection started.


Question Slide: What about support specifically for my other children?

Dr. Jacquie Wynn: We have a monthly Sibshops program, it's meant to be fun for the siblings and to give them a place to connect with other siblings of kids on the spectrum. But also place to talk about the challenges and to problem solve some of the issues that they face.


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