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Studying Cognitive Development in Toddlers Born Preterm

Drs. Keim and Rogers conduct the Omega Tots Study to determine if a dietary supplement can positively affect cognitive development in toddlers born preterm

Sarah Keim, PhD, principal investigator in the Center for Biobehavioral Health is conducting the Omega Tots Study, a clinical trial of a dietary polyunsaturated fatty acid supplement, similar to what is currently added to infant formula, to see if giving it to toddlers who were born preterm helps their cognitive development, as some previous studies have shown.  Children who are born preterm are at increased risk for developmental delays and learning disabilities. Early interventions are important.  Lynette Rogers, PhD, Center for Perinatal Research, is a co-investigator on the project.  Drs. Keim and Rogers received a two-year grant from the Allen Foundation for this study earlier this year.  They are planning to enroll 112 children who were former patients in one of the Nationwide Children’s Hosptial NICU’s or at other hospitals in central Ohio.  They will use the data from this small trial to apply for funding for a full-scale trial sometime in 2013.

Contact: Sarah Keim

Related publications:
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