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Study: Bariatric Surgery in Extremely Obese Adolescents May Help Treat Cardiovascular Abnormalities

(From the February 2013 Issue of MedStat)

According to a recent study published in the January print issue of the Journal of Pediatric Surgery, bariatric surgery in extremely obese adolescents was shown to be beneficial in helping reverse previously undiagnosed cardiovascular abnormalities believed to be linked to severe obesity. The study included a retrospective analysis of 10 adolescent patients from Nationwide Children’s who underwent weight loss surgery. High fidelity imaging using cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) was performed on these patients in the months leading up to bariatric surgery and revealed heart abnormalities. More than half of the patients looked at had significant cardiac abnormalities that would be on par with a middle-aged person with real cardiovascular disease risk in the short term. Within the first post-operative year, patients were re-evaluated using CMR. Results showed that their previously recorded cardiovascular abnormalities were reversed. Nationwide Children’s is one of a few centers in the country involved in long-term clinical research of adolescent bariatric surgery, looking not only at what happens in the short-term post-surgery, but long-term as well.

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