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(From the June 2013 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

We met the Snyder family on a warm spring morning as they arrived at the Westerville Surgery Center for an appointment with their audiologist, Shana Moore. The sound of giggling followed them into the lobby. Like any kids, they are happy to skip a morning of school. What you might not notice is that Evan, 10, Kate, 7, and Luke, 5, all live with hearing loss.

The Snyder kids’ mom, Carolyn, believes the staff and the treatment her children have received at Nationwide Children’s have played a large role in her children’s ability to live normal lives. All were diagnosed at different ages (a fourth child has no hearing issues). Evan was diagnosed at birth, Kate when she was in preschool and Luke as an infant. Their initial treatment came from another hospital, but when Luke was referred to Nationwide Children’s, Carolyn and her husband Brian decided to bring their other children to Nationwide Children’s too.

Today, all three children receive treatment in the Audiology Clinic at the Westerville Surgery Center. And Carolyn is confident that they’re receiving the best care available. “A year and a half ago, Luke lost even more of his hearing. If we hadn’t come to our six-month hearing screening, we never would have known,” says Carolyn.

The patience and flexibility of the Audiology Clinic staff hasn’t gone unnoticed either. “Nationwide Children’s understands kids. They know that hearing aids get broken and when that happens, they fit us right in to get them fixed. They understand how important it is for the kids not to go without their hearing aids.”

With frequent appointments for three kids, the family depends on the services offered at Nationwide Children’s off-site locations. “With years of speech therapy and hearing screenings, we spend a lot of time at Nationwide Children’s. It’s nice to be able to go somewhere close to home and not have to worry about driving downtown or finding parking.”

“Getting treatment at Nationwide Children’s has made all the difference,” says Carolyn. 

Every patient has a story.
Stories like this happen every day in every department at Nationwide Children’s. Thanks to Colleen Canty and Brad Smith, who both work in the Marketing and PR department, for telling us more about the Snyder family.

We are beginning a new effort to collect and share stories about the great work that you and your colleagues do every day. Stories about staff that have given families hope. Stories about families who offer support to other families going through similar experiences. Stories about all of the different ways that you – our employees – are making everything matter.

But we need your help. Tell us about a time that you made everything matter. Share a story about the moment you were most proud to work at Nationwide Children’s. If you’ve seen a colleague provide extraordinary service, let us know. Visit ANCHOR/Your-Story-Matters for more information and to submit your story.

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