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Services Offered to All Employees by Research Communications Team

(From the December 2014 Research Now)

As part of the Marketing and Public Relations Department at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, the research communications team strives to effectively communicate research accomplishments to key audiences and works collaboratively with all faculty and staff to facilitate their communication needs.

As of November 2014, all REX and Research employee resources were relocated to the ANCHOR page for Research, at If you have any research-related information or announcements about clinical or research employee events, seminars or presentations that you would like to promote, these can be added to the ANCHOR page for Research once messaging has been approved by our research communications team.

Some of the other services we offer at no cost to ALL faculty and staff of Nationwide Children’s:

  • Assistance with clinical study recruitment (e.g., paid advertising or design of print materials such as flyers, brochures, or posters)
  • Promotional materials specific to your Center, Division, Department or Clinic
  • Communicating to internal audiences when you have an article accepted for publication, and evaluation of that article for potential media coverage and external communication
  • Inclusion of research-related information, announcements, and research employee events in Research Now, the monthly e-newsletter sent to all hospital and research employees at Nationwide Children’s, once messaging is approved
  • Inclusion of research-related announcements or events for digital lobby screens throughout The Research Institute, once messaging is approved
  • Help communicating with large groups internally or externally
  • Help connecting you to additional resources and services provided by Media Relations, Creative Services, Medical Photography or other Marketing and Public Relations teams at Nationwide Children’s

For more information on the research communications team and how to contact us, please visit our intranet page.

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