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Service From the Heart Award Winners

(From the November/December issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

Our From the Heart Awards recognize employees for their special acts of caring, outstanding accomplishments and exceptional service. We’re proud to recognize these employees and teams for providing Best Outcomes From the Heart.

June Winner
Mari Allen, Security
Sandra Spencer, Emergency Medicine, nominated Officer Mari Allen for her outstanding service. Officer Mari Allen went above and beyond when an unidentified woman was found wandering the cafeteria. The woman was brought to the Emergency Department (ED) because she couldn’t remember who or where she was, but she seemed to make a quick attachment to Officer Allen. Officer Allen stayed with the woman throughout her ED stay, holding her hand and reassuring the woman that everything was going to be okay. When she needed transportation to an adult facility, Officer Allen traveled with the woman which ensured her transfer without incident, as there was concern she might become agitated. Officer Allen remained at the adult facility until the woman was settled. Mari Allen’s actions are an example of how our employees deliver outstanding service.

June Team Winner

Terrie Reed and Kathy Hunt

Marcey McDonald, Human Resources, nominated Human Resources employees Terrie Reed and Kathy Hunt for their calm action during an emergency. Early one morning a distraught and frantic employee burst into the HR office explaining she had been car jacked at gun point. Immediately, Terrie pressed the panic button, summoning security, while Kathy tried to calm down the employee. Over the course of an hour, Kathy sat with the distraught employee and was able to gain a full description of the two men, the employee’s stolen car and the location of the crime scene.

July Winner
Kyle McMichael, Heamtology/Oncology
Shelah Mullins from the Westerville Close to Home nominated Kyle McMichael for taking the time to respond and listen to his patients. Shelah was visiting friends in the Hematology/Oncology unit when the parents of the patient she was visiting asked her to stay with their son while they went to eat. After some time, the patient became extremely agitated because he was tired of being in his room. The assigned nurse was not able to calm him down when Kyle came into the room and calmly talked to the patient. After speaking with the patient, Kyle gave him a variety of activities to do so the patient felt in control. The patient responded well to Kyle because he took the time to talk and listen to the patient.


July Team Winner

Sally Moyer, RN, Rebekah Hicks, Child Life Specialist

Denise Ell, a parent of a patient, nominated Sally Moyer, RN and Rebecca Hicks, Child Life, for their excellent care of her daughter Hailey during an MRI. Hailey has lymphoblastic leukemia and has received treatment at Nationwide Children’s since 2011. At her MRI appointment, Sally suggested that Hailey try the MRI without sedation and Debbie Handesty, the MRI technician, agreed. Although Hailey did have to be sedated and the process restarted, the team never showed a hint of frustration. Denise is grateful that the team focuses on her daughter’s strengths to guide her through her procedure. “I was so impressed that the team did not treat my daughter as just one of many jobs of the day, they did everything right.” Denise shared that it was amazing to see how proud her daughter was of herself for trying to go through the MRI without sedation. Denise is thankful to the team for making chemotherapy and cancer less scary for her daughter.

August Winner
Ellen Muncy, Surgery Center
Rosemary Pfeifer from the Westerville Surgery Center nominated Ellen Muncy from the Main Campus Surgery Center for her dedication to the successful opening of the Westerville Surgery Center. Ellen spent two years assisting with the research, pricing and purchase of equipment, instrumentation and supplies. Upon opening, Ellen ensured that the Westerville Surgery Center had the support of ancillary departments including Engineering, Biomed and more. She did this extra work while maintaining her full time job in Materials Management at the main hospital. Her passion for patient safety and surgeon satisfaction makes her truly outstanding.


August Team Winner
Photo Coming Soon!
Brittany Singer, Sarah McEntee, Laura Brubaker, Lyndsie Melnichenko, Dr. Jennifer Dotson, Debbie Adkins
H11B (Endocrinology/Renal/GI Acute Care)

Michele McPherson nominated the H11B team for taking excellent care of her son. After her son’s liver biopsy, the staff on H11B advocated for him to stay an extra night because his blood pressure and heart rate were not under control. He later experienced a reaction to his medication, which made him sick. His care team made sure he stayed that extra night, Michele is thankful.

September Winner
Darlene Radel, Emergency Preparedness
Darlene Radel, a non-clinical Emergency Preparedness Coordinator at NCH, was shopping at a local grocery with her family, when they came across a young woman lying on the store floor. She had labored breathing and was turning blue, lying prostrate underneath her shopping cart and seizing violently. Darlene instructed her husband to call 911 and together with her son, Darlene rolled the woman onto her back only discover that the woman had an obstruction in her airway. They then rolled her onto her side which should have permitted her to breathe, but the woman stopped breathing completely. Giving voice commands to the woman, Darlene felt for a pulse. The woman took a labored breath and returned to a conscious state. While EMS crews arrived on the scene and triaged the situation, Darlene’s husband was able to contact the woman’s spouse to tell him what had happened. Joe Gregory, Emergency Services, nominated Darlene Radel for this award for her quick and thoughtful action during an emergency.

September Team Winner

Sally Smith and Jennifer Haase, BPD Clinic and Neonatology

The BPD Clinic was closed while the team was presenting at the Neonatal Conference. Though all patient families were contacted and appointments were rescheduled for another day, one family still arrived for their appointment. While sitting in the conference, Sally Smith, Clinic Coordinator, received a call that a parent had shown up at the clinic. Sally and Dr. Jennifer Haase left the conference to see the patient in the clinic and the family was very grateful that the team went out of their way to accommodate them. Susan Lynch, Neonatology, nominated Sally Smith and Jennifer Haase for their commitment to our patients and their families.

Would you like to nominate an employee or a team for their excellence in service and commitment to Best Outcomes? Visit ANCHOR/ Service-From-The-Heart-Award-Nomination to complete a nomination form.

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