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Searching for Genes that Influence Immune Function in Critically Ill Children

Drs. Mark Hall and Octavio Ramilo are working to understand why critically ill children become immunosuppressed during sepsis

Dr. Mark W. Hall (Critical Care Medicine) and Dr. Octavio Ramilo (Infectious Diseases) are collaborating on a highly innovative research program to evaluate the relationships between gene expression and immune function in critically ill children with sepsis.  This study is being performed in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Immune Surveillance Laboratory at The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  The goal of this study is to understand potential mechanisms by which critically ill children become immunosuppressed in the setting of overwhelming infection.  Insights gained from this study could lead to the development of new therapies aimed at improving immune function in this high-risk population.

Recent references:
Mella C, del Carmen Suarez M, Lopez S, Stephens J, Hall M, Ramilo O, Mejias A. Respiratory syncytial virus is associated with impaired systemic functional innate immune responses in infants with severe bronchiolitis. Accepted to Journal of Infectious Disease. September, 2012.

Hall MW, Geyer SM, Guo CY, Mortari AP, Jouvet P, Ferdinands J, Shay DK, Nateri J, Greathouse K, Sullivan R, Tran T, Keisling S, Randolph AG and the PALISI PICFlu Study Investigators. Innate immune function and mortality in critically ill children with influenza: A multi-center study.  Accepted to Critical Care Medicine. June 2012.

Banchereau R, Jordan-Villegas A, Ardura M, Mejias A, Baldwin N, Xu H, Saye E, Rossello-urgell J, Nguyen P, Blankenship D, Creech CB, Pascual V, Banchereau J, Chaussabel D, Ramilo O. Host immune transcriptional profiles reflect the variability in clinical disease manifestations in patients with Staphylococcus aureus infections. PLoS One. 2012;7(4):e34390.

Contact: Mark Hall

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