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Research Now: Using MRI and EEG to Study Perinatal Brain Injury In Preterm Infants

Dr. Nehal Parikh is using technology in new ways to study the causes of brain injury in very preterm infants

Perinatal brain injury and subsequent neurodevelopmental impairments occur in over 50% of very preterm infants (1.5% of all births). Preterm births contribute to half of all childhood disabilities and cost the U.S. a minimum of $26 billion annually. Yet, little is known about the causes of injury and few prevention or treatment options exist.

Dr. Nehal Parikh’s group in the Center for Perinatal Research is conducting a longitudinal cohort study in very preterm infants using advanced MRI and EEG to understand the etiology, pathogenesis, and prognosis of perinatal brain injury. The group is also developing imaging biomarkers using novel quantitative MRI post-image processing techniques.

Select citations:
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Contact: Nehal Parikh, DO, MS

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