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Research Now: Gariepy Leads Nationwide Children’s Participation in Hirschsprung Disease Research Collaborative

Hirschsprung disease is a birth defect in which the nerves of the colon are absent. The lack of nerve cells leads to obstruction of the intestine and severe constipation, which is currently treated by surgical removal of the abnormal segment of intestine. While the majority of patients do well after surgical treatment, approximately 20% of patients experience long-term complications including chronic constipation and soiling. Hirschsprung disease occurs in 1/5000 live births worldwide with boys more often affected than girls. Autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive, and multigenic patterns of inheritance occur and, to date, more than 10 genes have been implicated in causing the disorder.

Dr. Cheryl Gariepy is member of the steering committee of the Hirschsprung Disease Research Collaborative (HDRC), an international group of experts headed by Dr. Arivinda Chakravarti at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The goal of the HDRC is to collect a large amount of clinical and tissue data to better understand the genetic causes of Hirschsprung disease and how these relate to presentation and outcome; to improve and standardize the surgical and pathological approach to Hirschsprung disease; and to comprehensively characterize clinical outcomes, complications and quality of life. Nationwide Children’s Hospital will soon become an active enrollment site for the current study with the participation Dr. Brian Kenney (Pediatric Surgery), Dr. Katherine Deans (Pediatric Surgery) and Dr. Jane Balint (Pediatric Gastroenterology). The patient information collected by the HDRC will serve as a great resource to improve the diagnosis and treatment of patients with Hirschsprung disease and related diagnosis.

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