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Research Now: Breuer and Shinoka Lab Focuses on Development of Improved Vascular Graft for Use in Children

Lab projects investigate the mechanisms underlying neotissue formation in tissue engineered vascular grafts and then use this information to rationally design improved second-generation products

Christopher Breuer, MD and Toshiharu Shinoka, MD, PhD are the principal investigators of the Tissue Engineering Program at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. Their laboratory is interested in developing an improved vascular graft for use in congenital heart surgery where currently used vascular conduits are a leading cause of postoperative morbidity and mortality. Drs. Breuer and Shinoka previously developed the first tissue engineered vascular graft to be used in humans. This vascular graft, which is created by seeding autologous cells onto a biodegradable tubular scaffold, forms a living vascular conduit with the ability to grow, repair and remodel. The tissue engineered vascular graft is the first man-made vascular graft with growth potential making it uniquely suited for use in children where somatic overgrowth is a significant barrier to progress in the field.

Patterson JT, Gilliland T, Maxfield MW, Church S, Naito Y, Shinoka T, Breuer CK. Tissue-engineered vascular grafts for use in the treatment of congenital heart disease: from the bench to the clinic and back again. Regen Med. 2012 May;7(3):409-19. doi: 10.2217/rme.12.12.

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