Medical Professional Publications

Recent Peer-Reviewed Publications (September-November Publications from PubMed)

(From the November 2014 Research Now)

Listed in order of publication date, from PubMed:
1: Arnold MA, Swanson BJ, Crowder CD, Frankel WL, Lam-Himlin D, Singhi AD, Stanich PP, Arnold CA. Colesevelam and colestipol: novel medication resins in the gastrointestinal tract. Am J Surg Pathol. 2014 Nov;38(11):1530-7. PubMed PMID: 24921636.
2: Tipple TE. The thioredoxin system in neonatal lung disease. Antioxid Redox Signal. 2014 Nov 1;21(13):1916-25. Epub 2014 Mar 13. PubMed PMID: 24328910.
3: Boomer L, Liu Y, Mahler N, Johnson J, Zak K, Nelson T, Lannutti J, Besner GE. Scaffolding for challenging environments: Materials selection for tissue engineered intestine. J Biomed Mater Res A. 2014 Nov;102(11):3795-802. Epub 2013 Dec 12. PubMed PMID: 24288210.
4: Ross SA, Ahmed A, Palmer AL, Michaels MG, Sánchez PJ, Bernstein DI, Tolan RW Jr, Novak Z, Chowdhury N, Fowler KB, Boppana SB; National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders CHIMES Study. Detection of congenital cytomegalovirus infection by real-time polymerase chain reaction analysis of saliva or urine specimens. J Infect Dis. 2014 Nov 1;210(9):1415-8. Epub 2014 May 5. PubMed PMID: 24799600.
5: Stevens J. Topical review: behavioral economics as a promising framework for promoting treatment adherence to pediatric regimens. J Pediatr Psychol. 2014 Nov;39(10):1097-103. Epub 2014 Sep 12. PubMed PMID: 25216661.
6: Hafeman DM, Bebko G, Bertocci MA, Fournier JC, Bonar L, Perlman SB, Travis M, Gill MK, Diwadkar VA, Sunshine JL, Holland SK, Kowatch RA, Birmaher B, Axelson D, Horwitz SM, Arnold LE, Fristad MA, Frazier TW, Youngstrom EA, Findling RL, Drevets W, Phillips ML. Abnormal deactivation of the inferior frontal gyrus during implicit emotion processing in youth with bipolar disorder: Attenuated by medication. J Psychiatr Res. 2014 Nov;58:129-36. Epub 2014 Aug 8. PubMed PMID: 25151338.
7: Kachoria R, Oza-Frank R. Differences in breastfeeding initiation by maternal diabetes status and race, ohio 2006-2011. Matern Child Health J. 2014 Nov;18(9):2226-35. PubMed PMID: 24682646.
8: Houghton PJ, Kurmasheva RT, Lyalin D, Maris JM, Kolb EA, Gorlick R, Reynolds CP, Kang MH, Keir ST, Wu J, Smith MA. Initial solid tumor testing (Stage 1) of AZD1480, an inhibitor of Janus kinases 1 and 2 by the pediatric preclinical testing program. Pediatr Blood Cancer. 2014 Nov;61(11):1972-9. Epub 2014 Aug 17. PubMed PMID: 25131802; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4201390.
9: Ruess L, Dent CM, Tiarks HJ, Yoshida MA, Rusin JA. Neonatal deep white matter venous infarction and liquefaction: a pseudo-abscess lesion. Pediatr Radiol. 2014 Nov;44(11):1393-402. Epub 2014 Oct 11. PubMed PMID: 25304462.
10: Faraggi E, Zhou Y, Kloczkowski A. Accurate single-sequence prediction of solvent accessible surface area using local and global features. Proteins. 2014 Nov;82(11):3170-6. doi: 10.1002/prot.24682. Epub 2014 Sep 25. PubMed PMID: 25204636.
11: Ramachandran D, Mulle JG, Locke AE, Bean LJ, Rosser TC, Bose P, Dooley KJ, Cua CL, Capone GT, Reeves RH, Maslen CL, Cutler DJ, Sherman SL, Zwick ME. Contribution of copy-number variation to Down syndrome-associated atrioventricular septal defects. Genet Med. 2014 Oct 23. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25341113.
12: Banchereau R, Baldwin N, Cepika AM, Athale S, Xue Y, Yu CI, Metang P, Cheruku A, Berthier I, Gayet I, Wang Y, Ohouo M, Snipes L, Xu H, Obermoser G, Blankenship D, Oh S, Ramilo O, Chaussabel D, Banchereau J, Palucka K, Pascual V. Transcriptional specialization of human dendritic cell subsets in response to microbial vaccines. Nat Commun. 2014 Oct 22;5:5283. PubMed PMID: 25335753.
13: Mina R, Klein-Gitelman MS, Nelson S, Eberhard BA, Higgins G, Singer NG, Onel K, Tucker L, O'Neil KM, Punaro M, Levy DM, Haines K, Ying J, Brunner HI. Effects of obesity on health-related quality of life in juvenile-onset systemic lupus erythematosus. Lupus. 2014 Oct 21. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25335488.
14: Auletta JJ, Eid SK, Wuttisarnwattana P, Silva I, Metheny L, Keller MD, Guardia-Wolff R, Liu C, Wang F, Bowen T, Lee Z, Solchaga LA, Ganguly S, Tyler M, Wilson DL, Cooke KR. Human mesenchymal stromal cells attenuate graft-versus-host disease and maintain graft-versus-leukemia activity following experimental allogeneic bone marrow transplantation(1.). Stem Cells. 2014 Oct 21. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25336340.
15: Smith MD, Spiller HA, Casavant MJ, Chounthirath T, Brophy TJ, Xiang H. Out-of-Hospital Medication Errors Among Young Children in the United States, 2002-2012. Pediatrics. 2014 Oct 20. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25332497.
16: Wong P, Houghton P, Kirsch DG, Finkelstein SE, Monjazeb AM, Xu-Welliver M, Dicker AP, Ahmed M, Vikram B, Teicher BA, Coleman CN, Machtay M, Curran WJ, Wang D. Combining Targeted Agents With Modern Radiotherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcomas. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2014 Oct 18;106(11). Print 2014 Nov. Review. PubMed PMID: 25326640.
17: Crowell S, Wancket LM, Shakibi Y, Xu P, Xue J, Samavati L, Nelin LD, Liu Y. Post-translational Regulation of Mitogen-activated Protein Kinase Phosphatase (MKP)-1 and MKP-2 in Macrophages Following Lipopolysaccharide Stimulation: THE ROLE OF THE C TERMINI OF THE PHOSPHATASES IN DETERMINING THEIR STABILITY. J Biol Chem. 2014 Oct 17;289(42):28753-64. Epub 2014 Sep 9. PubMed PMID: 25204653; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4200237.
18: Mendell JR, Sahenk Z, Malik V, Gomez AM, Flanigan KM, Lowes LP, N Alfano L, Berry K, Meadows E, Lewis S, Braun L, Shontz K, Rouhana M, Clark KR, Rosales XQ, Al-Zaidy S, Govoni A, Rodino-Klapac LR, Hogan MJ, Kaspar BK. A Phase I/IIa Follistatin Gene Therapy Trial for Becker Muscular Dystrophy. Mol Ther. 2014 Oct 17. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25322757.
19: Zhao N, Koenig SN, Trask AJ, Lin CH, Hans CP, Garg V, Lilly B. mir145 Regulates TGFBR2 Expression and Matrix Synthesis in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. Circ Res. 2014 Oct 16. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25323858.
20: Kusumi K, Ayoob R, Bowden SA, Ingraham S, Mahan JD. Beneficial effects of intravenous pamidronate treatment in children with osteogenesis imperfecta under 24 months of age. J Bone Miner Metab. 2014 Oct 16. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25319557.
21: Atack JM, Ibranovic I, Ong CL, Djoko KY, Chen NH, Vanden Hoven R, Jennings MP, Edwards JL, McEwan AG. A Role for Lactate Dehydrogenases in the Survival of Neisseria gonorrhoeae in Human Polymorphonuclear Leukocytes and Cervical Epithelial Cells. J Infect Dis. 2014 Oct 15;210(8):1311-8. Epub 2014 Apr 15. PubMed PMID: 24737798.
22: Martin DP, Bhalla T, Thung A, Rice J, Beebe A, Samora W, Klamar J, Tobias JD. A preliminary study of volatile agents or total intravenous anesthesia for neurophysiological monitoring during posterior spinal fusion in adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2014 Oct 15;39(22):E1318-24. PubMed PMID: 25099322.
23: Fortney CA, Steward DK. Medical Record Documentation and Symptom Management at the End of Life in the NICU. Adv Neonatal Care. 2014 Oct 13. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25313801.
24: Hsu JW, Wingard JR, Logan BR, Chitphakdithai P, Akpek G, Anderlini P, Artz AS, Bredeson C, Goldstein S, Hale G, Hematti P, Joshi S, Kamble RT, Lazarus HM, O'Donnell PV, Pulsipher MA, Savani B, Schears RM, Shaw BE, Confer DL. Race and ethnicity influences collection of G-CSF mobilized peripheral blood progenitor cells from unrelated donors, a CIBMTR analysis. Biol Blood Marrow Transplant. 2014 Oct 11. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25316111.
25: Ahmad S, Elsherbiny NM, Haque R, Khan MB, Ishrat T, Shah ZA, Khan MM, Ali M, Jamal A, Katare DP, Liou GI, Bhatia K. Sesamin attenuates neurotoxicity in mouse model of ischemic brain stroke. Neurotoxicology. 2014 Oct 11. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25316624.
26: Trittmann JK, Peterson E, Rogers LK, Chen B, Backes CH, Klebanoff MA, Nelin LD. Plasma Asymmetric Dimethylarginine Levels Are Increased in Neonates with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia-Associated Pulmonary Hypertension. J Pediatr. 2014 Oct 10. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25311706.
27: Groner JA, Huang H, Nagaraja H, Kuck J, Bauer JA. Secondhand Smoke Exposure and Endothelial Stress in Children and Adolescents. Acad Pediatr. 2014 Oct 8. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25306212.
28: McClead RE Jr, Catt C, Davis JT, Morvay S, Merandi J, Lewe D, Stewart B, Brilli RJ; Adverse Drug Event Quality Collaborative. An Internal Quality Improvement Collaborative Significantly Reduces Hospital-Wide Medication Error Related Adverse Drug Events. J Pediatr. 2014 Oct 8. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25304926.
29: Bolyard CM, Yoo JY, Wang PY, Saini U, Rath KS, Cripe TP, Zhang J, Selvendiran K, Kaur B. Doxorubicin synergizes with 34.5ENVE to enhance antitumor efficacy against metastatic ovarian cancer. Clin Cancer Res. 2014 Oct 7. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25294909.
30: Cooper T, Boyles A, Samora WP, Klingele KE. Prevalence of Bilateral JOCD of the Knee and Associated Risk Factors. J Pediatr Orthop. 2014 Oct 6. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25290254.
31: Salley CG, Hewitt LL, Patenaude AF, Vasey MW, Yeates KO, Gerhardt CA, Vannatta K. Temperament and Social Behavior in Pediatric Brain Tumor Survivors and Comparison Peers. J Pediatr Psychol. 2014 Oct 6. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25287068.
32: Miller KS, Khosravi R, Breuer CK, Humphrey JD. A hypothesis-driven parametric study of effects of polymeric scaffold properties on tissue engineered neovessel formation. Acta Biomater. 2014 Oct 5. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25288519.
33: Jadcherla SR, Shubert TR, Gulati IK, Jensen PS, Wei L, Shaker R. Upper and Lower Esophageal Sphincter Kinetics are Modified During Maturation: Effect of Pharyngeal Stimulus in Premature Infants. Pediatr Res. 2014 Oct 3. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25279989.
34: Segedy AK, Pyle AL, Li B, Zhang Y, Babaev VR, Jat P, Fazio S, Atkinson JB, Linton MF, Young PP. Identification of Small Proline-Rich Repeat Protein 3 as a Novel Atheroprotective Factor That Promotes Adaptive Akt Signaling in VascularSmooth Muscle Cells. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 2014 Oct 2. [Epub ahead of print] PubMed PMID: 25278290.
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39: Eneli IU, Oza-Frank R, Grover K, Miller R, Kelleher K. Instituting a sugar-sweetened beverage ban: experience from a children's hospital. Am J Public Health. 2014 Oct;104(10):1822-5. Epub 2014 Aug 14. PubMed PMID: 25121811.
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Maoz H, Goldstein T, Goldstein BI, Axelson DA, Fan J, Hickey MB, Monk K, Sakolsky D, Diler RS, Brent D, Kupfer DJ, Birmaher B. The Effects of Parental Mood on Reports of Their Children's Psychopathology. J Am Acad Child Adolesc Psychiatry. 2014 Oct;53(10):1111-1122.e5. Epub 2014 Aug 6. PubMed PMID: 25245355; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4173133.
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69: Abu-Arja RF, Gonzalez BE, Jacobs MR, Cabral L, Egler R, Auletta J, Arnold J, Cooke KR. Disseminated Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) infection following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant in a patient with Bare Lymphocyte Syndrome type II. Transpl Infect Dis. 2014 Oct;16(5):830-7. Epub 2014 Jul 4. PubMed PMID: 24995715.
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