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Dear Dr. Holtzlander: You called me at home to let me know that you had touched base with the geneticist who did chromosomal testing on my daughter several years ago. I was very moved that you went the extra mile to call Dr. Hickey with your concerns regarding her growth and behavior. Your area of expertise is pulmonary and for you to be concerned with a patient’s growth and behavior, it truly shows your compassion for kids you take care of. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking such wonderful care of my daughter and going the extra mile to make sure we are not missing anything! ~ An appreciative parent

I would like to formally thank the wonderfully competent medical professionals who cared for our little guy during his recent stay in the NICU at Doctors Hospital. The nurses, doctors and PAs did a wonderful job explaining his situation and what they were doing to help him. They also were extremely accommodating to our family, and they were especially compassionate with his mom, knowing that she was still fresh from her C-section. They were in no hurry to “move on” and took time to answer our questions and explain procedures to us. This is not my first experience with Nationwide Children’s. Many years ago … late 1970s … our little daughter was diagnosed with Niemann-Pick’s Disease. Dr. Annemarie Sommer was our geneticist. Dr. Sommer was such a wonderful influence in our lives that we named a daughter after here! Even then we were treated with utmost care, respect and compassion by the medical staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. - An appreciative family

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