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Physician Direct Connect Bi-Directional Communication to Community Physicians

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(From the April 2016 Issue of MedStat)

Physician Direct Connect (PDC) has improved medical care for patients by giving physicians immediate access to the appropriate specialist. In return, many specialists at Nationwide Children’s have expressed an interest in having the ability to reach community physicians in an efficient manner. A new system is being developed to support these requests utilizing PDC to facilitate the communication.

There are multiple situations where immediate access to the community physician will be useful. A hospitalist may wish to communicate crucial information for a discharged patient who is to be seen in a pediatrician’s office the next day. This system will also be particularly useful for our Neonatology Division. Through the PDC, neonatologists and NNPs can quickly convey any active issues and the remaining details can be forwarded in the discharge summary.

The PDC is designed for attending-to-attending phone calls only, and this should continue to be respected in each direction. In order to implement this plan, each community practice will need to offer backline phone numbers to the nurses at PDC. Physicians will have the option to leave a cell phone number if desired. This information will be kept confidential. Please go online and provide information at or return the PDC Backline Form included in the MedStat mailing by mail or fax.

Any questions about communication with the hospital can be directed to Bill Long, MD, at or Bruce Meyer, MD, at or Rob Snyder, MD, at They can also be reached at (614) 722-4550.

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