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(From the October 2015 Issue of MedStat)

ChildLab is Now Laboratory Services

ChildLab will now be known as Nationwide Children’s Laboratory Services. This rebranding will lay the groundwork for continued expansion of pediatric laboratory services offered regionally and nationally. The transition to the new name begins October 2015. While the name change affects brand-identity it will not change operational practices. For more information, visit


Screening Infants for Hepatitis C

Increased rates of intravenous drug use resulting in hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection among women of child-bearing age in Ohio and much of the United States have placed an increasing number of infants at risk for vertically acquired infection. National guidelines currently recommend screening vertically exposed infants by HCV-antibody at age 18 months or greater because earlier diagnosis is not medically necessary. However, the current approach has failed to identify most infected children due to lack of appropriate follow-up. It is estimated that only 5 to 15 percent of HCV-infected U.S. children have been identified. A multi-faceted approach, including earlier HCV testing by PCR, has been shown to significantly improve screening rates and increase detection of infected children. Download the practice tool with detailed outlines on recommended testing and management of these cases.


New Addition to Inpatient Discharge Summary - PCP Handoff

A new feature to the Inpatient Discharge Summary has been recently added to improve communication between the NCH specialist or hospitalist and the primary care doctor. It is called the PCP Handoff and offers a succinct summary of critical points relating to the admission. It includes items such as diagnostic impression, pertinent positive and negative findings, pending studies or other recommendations. It can be written by residents or attending physicians, and may include a physical exam. The PCP Handoff does not replace the Hospital Course, which offers more detail. If you have any questions or comments about the PCP Handoff, please contact Rob Snyder, MD, at

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