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New Strategic Plan: Journey to Best Outcomes

(From the August 2013 Issue of MedStat)

On July 22, Nationwide Children’s launched their new strategic plan — Journey to Best Outcomes. Through the new strategic plan the hospital will accelerate its journey with a vision of best outcomes achieved through the best people and the best programs. The Journey to Best takes the idea that Everything Matters and hones it with a laser-like focus on best outcomes. Outcomes are defined as not only what happens at the point of acute care, but also the periods between and after care when a child has better health because of Nationwide Children’s services. Best Outcomes is defined in the broadest sense to include access, satisfaction, safety, education, operations and employee satisfaction. The hospital’s success will create the nation’s most comprehensive, integrated pediatric healthcare delivery system, all built on a foundation of pre-eminent programs that integrate research with clinical care. Staff members are the driving force that will make this happen. The Journey to Best Outcomes is the roadmap for success over the next five years and beyond. And it will enable us to continue to fulfill the promise that “When your child needs a hospital, everything matters.” Visit for more information.

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