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Nationwide Children's Hospital’s Magnet® Recognition Program: One Year Countdown

(From the Winter 2013 issue of Everything Matters: In Patient Care)

Cheryl Boyd, PhD, RN, NE-BC, NP-BC , Director of Professional Development & Magnet® Recognition Coordinator
Cathleen Opperman, MSN, RN, CPN, Professional Development Specialist

The American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) Magnet® Recognition Program is the most prestigious distinction a hospital can receive for nursing excellence and quality patient outcomes. Nationwide Children’s Hospital receives recognition from U.S.News & World Report as a Magnet®-designated hospital in its assessment of almost 5,000 hospitals to rank the best medical centers. As a Magnet®-designated hospital, Nationwide Children’s also earns full credit for safe nursing practice in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey, which compares hospital performance in safety, quality and efficiency.

During the one year countdown to the next Magnet® Redesignation, Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer Linda Stoverock sent a message to the Nationwide Children’s Magnet® Steering Committee about the ANCC approval she received to move forward with the final preparations. Subcommittees of the steering group analyzed data and filtered through multiple exemplars of nursing and interdisciplinary excellence in practice and patient outcomes. Serving on the committees is an exciting assignment for members who are choosing the “best of the best” examples that will be presented in the document.

One of the groups, the Exemplary Professional Practice sub-committee, processed information to describe and demonstrate how nurses develop, apply, evaluate, adapt and modify the Professional Practice Model. This group included 47 interdisciplinary staff frominpatient, outpatient and offsite locations. Through detailed study, they determined that the model remains applicable to current practice. However, they also identified that many staff do not understand its purpose or use. This group modified the model by simplifying it, by developing an intuitive visual image and by disseminating the updated model to staff and managers in a variety of ways. This began with the managers and unit-based orientation for those moving to the new replacement hospital. The components of the model include:

Environment: Our work culture

Patients and Families:The center and focus of our work

Resources: Competent, interdisciplinary caregivers

Processes: Critical reasoning, Do The Right Thing, evidence-based practice

Structure: System guidance such as policies and procedures, technology, shared governance

Outcomes: Consistently striving for the best

The Nationwide Children’s updated Professional Practice Modelwas unveiled during Nurse’s Week to the managers and was briefly discussed in the Culture of Safety initiative during the moves to the replacement hospital. Most recently, the model has been displayed on the Centennial Wall with many positive staff comments on the simplicity and appeal to the interdisciplinary nature of the hospital’s practice. In October 2012, there was also a traveling show to take the model throughout the organization.

Take a few minutes to study this model and visualize your work in the components. This is a simple explanation of a rich, comprehensive model that captures the breadth of our professional practice. Can you give an example of how this Professional Practice Model guides your practice?

Other important Magnet®-related topics for future discussion include shared governance and evidence-based practice. Ask yourself and your colleagues:

·         Who are your Shared Governance representatives?

·         Can you describe how Shared Governance represents you and your professional concerns?

·         What is an example of an evidenced-based practice (EBP) change that has occurred in your area?

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