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Nationwide Children’s Hospital Collaborates on a Two-Year, $450K Research Project Funded by Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

(From the April 2017 issue of Research Now)

Henry Xiang, MD, MPH, PhD, director of the research core in the Center for Injury Research and Policy at The Research Institute and director of the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, will be collaborating with Yi Zhang, PhD, associate research director at the Medical Technology and Practice Patterns Institute (MTPPI) in Maryland, on a two-year, $450K project funded by the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). This project builds on Drs. Lu and Xiang’s ongoing research R01 project entitled “Causal Inference for Treatment Effect using Observational Healthcare Data with Unequal Sampling Weights” and two other federal research grants that investigate patient-centered trauma outcomes in the U.S.

Dr. Xiang and his colleagues at The Ohio State University will work with Dr. Zhang to enhance the dissemination and implementation of causal inference methods through partnerships with large health systems. Key researchers from Ohio State include Bo Lu, PhD, associate professor in the Division of Biostatistics at OSU’s College of Public Health, and Steven MacEachern, PhD, professor and chair of the Department of Statistics at OSU.

Specifically, researchers aim to disseminate and implement the knowledge, application, and use of two new analytic techniques known as inverse probability weighting (IPW) and the parametric g-formula methods. With respect to patient care, these proposed methods provide a valuable approach to evaluate how to treat a patient over time, taking into account both treatment history and clinical response to those treatments.

MTPPI has identified four combined sites – Nationwide Children’s Hospital/The Ohio State University, the University of Utah School of Medicine, UConn Health, and the University of Florida – with a total of 11 ongoing or recently funded projects to partner with for this specific PCORI project. The new analytic techniques will be applied to the following disease areas: pediatric triage of major trauma, pain relief medication use, spinal cord and traumatic brain injury, community-onset pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis progression, and health disparities in maternal and child health.

The ultimate goal of the project is to impact patient- and provider-decision making, clinical practice, and policy creation through improved evidence. By promoting the expanded use of advanced statistical methods, researchers hope that the project will facilitate the provision of scientifically valid information needed to help both patients and providers make more informed decisions.

Learn more about this research project on the PCORI website.

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