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June Winners

(From the July/August 2013 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

June Employee of the Month
Christy Brothers
Child Care Center
Christy is a lead teacher at Nationwide Children’s Child Care Center. She is known for the innovation and creativity she brings in to the classroom. She once took her classroom back in time to the 1950s by bringing in a jukebox, poodle skirts, milkshakes and even hosting a sock hop. Christy aims to create the best environment possible for the children because to help them feel safe and loved at all times. She acts as a positive role model in her efforts to help each child grow and learn. Christy has a strong rapport with her co-teachers making certain the team is involved in all aspects of the classroom’s success. Christy promotes an atmosphere of good will and treats all she encounters with the utmost respect.

June Volunteer of the Month
Carol Ann Lombardi
More than 1,100 hours of service
Congratulations to Carol Ann Lombardi on her selection as the June Volunteer of the Month. Carol Ann is a volunteer on C4 and A2 NICUs and has dedicated an impressive 1,110 hours of service. What makes her experience at Nationwide Children’s special is her willingness to train other volunteers after their orientation. Because the NICUs are growing and their volunteer needs are increasing, Carol Ann’s help with volunteer training has kept the NICU volunteer program up and running. She is an excellent role model for other volunteers and continues to provide great feedback for staff. Everyone in Family and Volunteer Services, C4 and A2 NICUs thank her for her continued dedication and support of the families, patients, and staff at Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

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