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Introducing the First Truly Mobile Office: The Walkstation

(From the November 2012 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

Introducing the First Truly Mobile Office: The Walkstation

The average office worker sits for more than 9 hours each day. Not only does sitting reduce muscle activity in the legs, but it also increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. For employees who need to sit at a computer to work, these statistics are sobering.

In an effort to improve the health and wellness of Nationwide Children’s employees, the hospital installed Walkstations in several locations throughout the hospital for a three-month trial period that began in September.

What is a Walkstation?
The Walkstation combines a height-adjustable work surface with a low-speed commercial-grade treadmill. The Walkstation mimics your normal walking speed and, at a maximum speed of approximately 2 miles per hour, it allows you to comfortably walk and do all the work you would do normally while seated. 

How will a Walkstation help me?
It won’t provide a gym-style workout, but the Walkstation is designed to maintain your productivity level while increasing the amount of physical activity. So you can continue to check items off your to-do list while you walk.

We asked a few employees who’ve had a chance to use the Walkstation what they thought. Here’s what they had to say.

“I usually spend at least six hours sitting at my desk every day. The Walkstation allows me to spend 30 minutes working while I walk. I’ve been using the Walkstation for more than a month and I’ve lost 4.5 pounds. After using the Walkstation I feel recharged and I’m less tired. It’s an easy way to add activity into my workday.”
Michelle Hegenberger, Administrative Support, The Heart Center

“I sit for 7 hours a day. Using the Walkstation helps keep my heart rate up which gives me a small increase of energy. It really helps on days you’re feeling sluggish.”
Rashad Wood, Central Scheduling

“When you need to be on the computer or near your phone, it can be a challenge to make time to be active at work. After sitting all day, walking on the Walkstation gives me a burst of energy.”
Tina Summerall, Central Scheduling

What’s next?
The Walkstation pilot ends November 30. Departments will then submit feedback about their experiences with the Walkstation. If you are interested in a Walkstation for your area or department, please have your VP Department Director contact Cindi Solomon, Employee Wellness, at (614) 355-4153. Each request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

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