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Inquiring about Your Patients

(From the April 2014 Issue of MedStat)

In an effort to streamline the process for practitioners who wish to inquire about their hospitalized patients and to ensure compliance with privacy guidelines, we have developed the following procedure. Inquiries about your patients at Nationwide Children’s are always welcomed and encouraged. Below are safety measure updates which will allow you to continue to follow your patients.

  • When calling to inquire about one of your patients, please call Physician Direct Connect at (614) 355-0221. Please state your name, the patient’s name and the reason you are inquiring about the patient – i.e., you are the patient’s PCP. They will then connect you to the proper nursing station.
  • Badges need to be worn at all times while you are in Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They need to be visible and above your waist.
  • Expect to be appropriately questioned as to your status with the patient and family.
  • You can only inquire and visit patients who are under your or your practice’s care.
  • Please have someone check with the family if you wish to visit a family with whom you are not involved.

Nationwide Children’s is committed to continually improving communication with our physicians in the community so we can better assist in caring for patients.

Any questions about communication with the hospital can be directed to Lee Budin, MD at, Bill Long, MD at or Bruce Meyer, MD at They can also be reached at (614) 722-4550.

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