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Increasing MyChart Enrollment and Releasing Laboratory Results

(From the July 2013 Issue of MedStat)

MyChart is Epic's web-based and mobile platform used by patients and families to access their medical records and communicate with care providers. Over the next year or so, Nationwide Children’s will be expanding the scope and functionality of MyChart in order to achieve strategic objectives and receive Meaningful Use funding. Part of this expansion includes enrolling more families in MyChart. MyChart activation codes are provided during a clinic visit or inpatient stay. Patients must have an activation code in order to enroll and access their medical record. Included in the Medical Staff mailing is a MyChart brochure given to families to instruct them in how to enroll.

Please note: All normal and abnormal laboratory results (outpatient, ED and inpatient) are now released in MyChart on the third business day after becoming available in Epic. Certain sensitive laboratory results are not released automatically; a list of sensitive laboratory results is available on Anchor. Abnormal laboratory results will continue to be sent to physicians directly or to a designated clinic results pool via the Epic In-basket. Because of the three-day automatic release of abnormal results, it is important that these results in-basket folders be monitored carefully for incoming abnormal result messages so these can be addressed with patients and families prior to their release to MyChart. This can be accomplished by adding a result message (visible in MyChart alongside the abnormal result), initiating a MyChart secure message to the patient/family, or by direct telephone contact as you do today.

For more information about MyChart, visit Anchor, keyword search, “MyChart,” or visit

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