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Hospital’s Energy-Saving Efforts Recognized by AEP

(From the June 2013 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

Nationwide Children’s was recently recognized as a 2012 AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency Champion Award Winner. The hospital received this award for our commitment to reduce energy usage and reduce the impact on our environment. Just how does a campus of this size save energy?  “We started with the easy items first, like replacing existing lights with energy efficient models and then we began upgrading major building systems like air-conditioning, air handling and building controls. And as we design new spaces, we use sustainable design practices to help us use energy responsibly,” explains Okey Eneli, vice president of Construction Administration.

Interested in making changes in your home to reduce energy use? Here are three small changes that can help reduce your energy consumption.

1. Turn electronics completely off. Unless you completely unplug your electronic devices, chances are they’re still using energy. Installing a power strip makes it easy to completely cut off power to all of your electronics.
2. Adjust your thermostat. Adjusting your thermostat just one degree can reduce your energy consumption by more than 5 percent.
3. Change your light bulbs. Replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs (compact fluorescent light bulbs). One CFL uses only a quarter of the wattage of an incandescent bulb.

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