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Genomics and ‘Big Data’: How we’ll bring together all forms of data to improve child health.

(From the July/August 2013 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

As part of our Journey to Best Outcomes, we’re looking at how we can bring together what we learn through genomics (or what resides in a patient’s genes) with all the forms of data that could relate to their genomic make-up.

The new strategic plan lays out a vision specifically relating to how we can use genomic and other forms of data to improve child health – from the single patient all the way to an entire population.

“By bringing together clinical, research, genomic and other external forms of data, we will be able to more accurately describe disease and disease risk, as well as develop targeted treatments in a way never done before,” states John Barnard, MD, president, The Research Institute.

A key element of our strategic plan is to invest in the technology and the people to turn the enormous amount of data we will collect into actions and outcomes.

With our integrated vision bringing together research, clinical care, genomics and “big data,” we’ll be in a unique position among children’s hospitals working toward improving child health. It’s a key part of our strategic plan and our journey to best outcomes.

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