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G-J tubes Clogging

(From the February 2013 Issue of MedStat)

Included in the February packet is a policy concerning G-J tubes that has been approved by GI, Radiology, ED and General Surgery. The policy outlines what a family should do if their child’s G-J tube is obstructed. Our goal is to help families avoid spending time in the emergency room as a G-J tube replacement procedure is not an emergency. If you have any patients with G-J tubes, please make sure they know about this helpful policy or please give them a copy of the policy. All patients who have had a feeding tube inserted and are followed at Nationwide Children’s should already have a copy of the policy. If a child’s G-J tube is obstructed, Radiology can be contacted at (614) 722-2420 the next morning, and they will replace the feeding tube.

Any questions about communication with the hospital can be directed to Lee Budin, MD, at or Bruce Meyer, MD, at They can also be reached at (614)722-4550.

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