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(From the December 2012 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

August Winner
Andy Webb
“Andy Webb has been extremely helpful to a number of staff who are completing their degrees while working at Nationwide Children’s. He is always helpful in locating books, journals and articles. With Andy’s help, I have been able to reserve the books I need for class instead of purchasing them. This has saved me both time and money, and I wish I had known about this service earlier in my coursework. Andy has gone the extra mile to treat me as a valued customer and I appreciate his hard work,” explained Ann Hoffman, RN.

August Team Winner
Emergency Department              
To prepare for the opening of the ED, every staff member went above and beyond to provide the best care for our patients. Staff offered extra hours of their time for training, stocking and preparing and many have taken on extra projects to make sure the new space is equipped for patients. The ED grew from approximately 35 beds to 62 beds and each area has special requirements. Groups of staff took ownership of these areas and made sure they were ready. The teamwork of this group is outstanding!

September Winner
Sally Schnieders, RN
Allergy Clinic
Sally Schnieders has a calming effect on patients. For example, an allergy patient needed to visit the lab for blood work after his appointment. This nine-year-old patient was afraid of needles, extremely anxious and was crying. Sally offered to accompany the patient to the lab and as soon as she began walking with him, the patient's face changed noticeably and he calmed down. Sally engaged the patient in conversation to distract him and stayed with the patient at the lab until they called him back, requiring her to stay after her shift ended.

September Team Winner                          
Perioperative Staff from SU/PACU Units              
Dr. Vidya Raman, Anesthesiology
Kaleigh Peters, RN, Surgery Unit
Sue Taylor, RN, Surgery Unit
Nic Mallon, PCA, Surgery Unit
Renee Wolfe, Program Manager, PACU
Lisa Carney, Program Manager, Surgery Unit
Bob Staner, PCA, PACU
Gina Saunders, Clinical Leader, PACU

An autistic patient came to the Surgery Unit for outpatient surgery. After surgery, the patient became very upset and agitated. The staff members tried everything to try and calm her, including wheeling her up and down the hall in a wheelchair and staying close to the bed so she wouldn’t fall out. The patient’s family also tried all they could think of to calm her down. Eventually, the team realized that all she wanted was potato chips! She was able to go home safe, sound and happy.                 

October Winner
Chelsea Lehman, RN
H12 Hematology/Oncology

A Spanish-speaking patient had been on the Hematology/Oncology unit nearly a year and had primarily had Chelsea Lehman for a nurse. Recently, he moved to another floor. Chelsea went to visit him and he wasn't doing well. Chelsea requested that the patient be transferred to H12 where she felt that he would be more comfortable. Chelsea worked all day to arrange this while caring for her assigned patients. Finally, the transfer was approved. Chelsea stayed an extra two hours past the end of her shift to make sure the transfer went smoothly. By the next day the patient was thriving. In just one day Chelsea had made a positive influence in this patient’s life.

October Team Winner
Lisa Repaske, Plastic Surgery
Marcie Rehmar, Community Education

The 22q center staff planned a conference around national 22q day. One particular family with small children was travelling a great distance to attend the conference. Because this family is a traditional, orthodox Jewish family and the conference was held on a Saturday, this posed several logistical challenges. Marcie Rehmar went above and beyond to help the family attend by helping them locate accommodations, helping with food options and arranging to have a staff member carry the baby and belongings for the mother, which wasn’t permitted on the Sabbath. Although she was busy helping to coordinate the conference, Lisa Repaske volunteered to drive to meet the family and literally carry the baby to the conference. This amazing teamwork was awesome to watch as neither Marcie nor Lisa thought twice about helping this family – who were not yet patients!

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