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From the Heart Winners

(From the July/August issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

Best outcomes are nothing new to our organization. We see them in action every day. We’re proud to recognize these employees and teams for providing Best Outcomes From the Heart.

February Winner
Tammy Lesko
Co-workers Jaime Manley and Carolyn Jones nominated Tammy Lesko because Tammy constantly asks what she can do to help others and everyone knows they can count on her. She recently went above and beyond to support one of our patient families. Tammy had provided care for this particular family on numerous occasions, when tragically the patient was brought into the ER and passed away. Tammy was there to offer her support to the family. The patient’s mother was by herself and Tammy spent hours talking to her, even holding the mother’s other child when the mother needed a break. Tammy is an example of how our staff comprises the very best people.

February Team Winner
IV Trauma Team
Suzy Williard RN, Jessica Raver RN, James Robinson, Joyce Mcvicker, Dr. Laura Boomer, Dr. Sara Hilkert,Kim Wyche, Lori Wentzel RN, Michelle Erdy RN, Jill Rill RN, Dana Noffsinger NP, Tamara Price NP, Amy Kerker NP, Joyce Mullett RN, Carolyn Apple RN, Chris Williams RN, Jen Dibbling RN, Lauren Haubeil PCA, Bobby Johnson, Jen Herman RN, Amanda Vantlburg RN              
Stacey Cruikshank nominated the IV Trauma Team after a personal experience with them when her daughter was critically injured in a skiing accident. Kara was 4 years old when she was flown to Nationwide Children’s from the ski slopes. When Stacey arrived at the hospital, the trauma team was examining Kara. Due to the severity of Kara’s injuries she was transferred to the OR. Once in the post-op room, nursing staff kept a close eye on Kara. Kara’s doctors did a thorough check-up before she was discharged. “As a nurse I know what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ but as a mother of a patient, the care we received was far beyond top notch,” explains Stacey.

March Winner
Karen Rygalski
Occupational Therapy
Michelle Byars nominated Karen Rygalski for going above and beyond in her duties as a therapist. A young patient named Isabella was on tube feedings 24/7. Karen not only taught Isabella how to eat, she was instrumental in getting her to eat new things. Isabella’s progress was slow, but Karen continued to look for new methods. After some time and several swallow studies, Isabella began tasting thickened liquids, taking bites of food and finally eating everything by mouth. Because of Karen’s patience, encouragement and persistence Isabella is now able to eat and talk and has started to be more independent in her fine motor work, a best outcome that will have a lasting impact on Isabella’s quality of life.

March Team Winner
Melroy Hodge and Christine Petty
Canal Winchester Registration Team              
Alicia from the Canal Winchester Urgent Care nominated Melroy Hodge and Christine Petty from the Canal Winchester Registration for their promptness and efficiency when the location went into lockdown. As a man sprinted toward the location’s front door, Christine immediately went for the lockdown button. By the time the button was pushed, the man was through the first door. Both Melroy and Christine put the patient families first. Melroy watched the front while Christine removed all patients and parents from the lobby to safety. The man was captured by the police and all those in the lobby were safe. This award recognizes Melroy and Christine for their dedication to the safety of patient families.

April Winner
Heather King
Karen Principe nominated Heather King for her excellence in customer service. Heather stopped to offer assistance to a distraught father and his son and learned that his other child was a patient on a unit that was under visitation restrictions. Because the patient’s sibling was unable to enter the unit, the father would not be able to deliver his son’s lunch. Heather was able to work through the language barrier and she offered to take the food to the patient herself. Heather went above and beyond to assist this patient and his family in their time of need.

May Winner
Belinda Gutierrez
Ambulatory Patient Access
Jill Tonneman, an Occupational Therapist at the Hilliard Close to Home Center, nominated Belinda Gutierrez for delivering a best outcome in a very family-centered way. Jill was preparing for her last patient of the day when the patient’s mother stopped in to cancel the appointment because her son wasn’t feeling well. To reschedule the appointment, Jill and Belinda ran out to catch the mother as she was leaving. Belinda speaks Spanish and was able to communicate with the mother. The patient looked very sick and needed to go to the hospital. The mother did not want to call 911 because her younger son might not be able to go in the squad with her. Calling 911 was the best option so Belinda offered to wait with the younger son until his father arrived. Once the squad arrived, the situation worsened when the patient had a seizure. Belinda rode to the hospital with her so she could help her understand what was happening. Belinda stayed well after normal work hours to ensure the family was receiving the best care. Belinda is the type of employee that makes Nationwide Children’s great.

May Team Winner
Beth Dillon, Amber Milton, Jodi Evans, Brooke Loraditch, Dr. Emily Decker
Northland Primary Care
Nikki Patterson of the ambulatory team nominated the Northland Primary Care team for their outstanding caring and generosity in looking out for the safety of a patient family. A mother came into the Primary Care center with 18 month old twins and explained that she had to leave her 6 month old child at home because she did not have an extra car seat for him. She had made arrangements to get additional car seats at a lower cost, but her appointment was weeks away and she was unable to afford the additional cost. The Primary Care staff chipped in and purchased two new car seats for the family.

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