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Finance and Sponsored Projects: New Search Tool Matches Your Research Proposal to Others Like It

Have you ever wanted to see what the National Institutes of Health has awarded in your area of interest?  Would you like to find out which study section reviews applications similar to the ones you are proposing?  You can use NIH RePORTER to do this, but now there is an even easier way behind your eRA Commons login.

Using the new LikeThis tool, you can enter a scientific abstract (or access your own applications or grants) and then click on LikeThis. The scientific terms in the text are weighted and a listing of similar funded grants and publications is produced.

No need to worry about your proposed research strategy being seen by others.  The tool requires a Commons login, so any information you enter is confidential.  After you log into Commons, you will find the link along the right side of the home page at the bottom of the Additional Links section.

For more information, visit the eRA website.

Contact: Aaron Ufferman

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