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Featured Program: Comprehensive Pediatric Feeding Program

(From the November 2017 Issue of MedStat)

The program formerly known as The Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic is moving to 495 E Main Street and expanding services. The Comprehensive Pediatric Feeding Program is a transdisciplinary team focused on the evaluation and treatment of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders. The services provided through the program include:

  • Team evaluations which include medical doctor, feeding therapist, social worker, dietitian and psychologist to assess and route children and families to appropriate treatment. Concerns should be related to two or more specialties.
  • Medical and nutritional follow-ups with dietitian and nurse practitioner or medical doctor.
  • Intensive outpatient day treatment which is a team-based approach to treating severe feeding problems. We will be increasing the number of patients seen in our intensive program up to six patients at a time by May 2018. Patients and families in our program attend treatment 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, for 6-8 weeks. These patients typically will have participated in traditional outpatient therapy with stalled or limited progress. All patients for this program must first be seen through a team evaluation.

To speak with a team member for questions please call our office at (614) 355-8420. Referrals can be placed via fax to (614) 355-8694.

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