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Featured Clinic: Dentistry

(From the September 2016 Issue of MedStat)

Featured Clinic: Dentistry

The Department of Dentistry at Nationwide Children's is dedicated to providing comprehensive and therapeutic oral health care for pediatric patients from infancy through adolescence. From managing children with special oral health needs to working as part of a broader health care team to provide specialized care for patients with complex behavioral, social and medical conditions, our expertise and research improves outcomes for our patients.

In addition to routine dental treatment, our services include urgent care for symptomatic orodental conditions such as traumatic injuries to the dentoalveolar complex, tooth-related infections and painful oral lesions. Our dentists and other specialists also diagnose and manage lesions and disorders of the oral mucosa, teeth and jaws, along with a wide variety of other conditions. Besides pediatric dentists, experts in the fields of oral and maxillofacial pathology, orthodontics, oral and maxillofacial surgery, endodontics and public health provide a level of care for medically complex children that sets the standard nationally. In order to help the child through the dental procedures and ensure the best outcomes, we use a variety of behavior guidance techniques ranging from positive reinforcement and storytelling to sedative medications and general anesthesia. Our goal is to treat every child safely, comfortably and with compassion, using age-appropriate methods.

Download (PDF) the Department of Dentistry's recent "Healthy Teeth" guide for parents and families.

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