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Creating a Wellness Plan

Back in November of 2009, Spotlight first introduced the three horizons and five rays that make up our strategic plan. Since then, great efforts have been made to identify an aspiration for wellness promotion and to organize a plan. Since wellness crosses all three horizons, this ray will play a key role in achieving our vision for optimal health during care, between care and throughout the community.

Our Wellness Promotion Vision: We will have the healthiest pediatric population in the country by ensuring that children with special health care needs reach their full potential.

Our aspiration is optimal health for all children. For some children with special health care needs, there are special challenges because they are at risk for a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional condition. These children also require health-related services above and beyond what is required by children generally.

A child has special health care needs if he or she meets one or more of these risk factors:
Environmental – poverty, being in the child welfare system, having contact with the juvenile justice system, or having teenage parents
Biological – specific or chronic health issues such as diabetes, prematurity, obesity or asthma

To get children with special health care needs to their full potential, Nationwide Children’s will be most effective by functioning as an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Essentially, the hospital takes responsibility for a population of patients and improving the care they receive. Combined with our extensive network and our collaborative resources and partnerships, we are able to provide innovative, efficient, and evidence-based treatment and prevention services that will ensure our target population reaches their full potential in the community. In the months to come, you’ll be hearing a lot about ACOs and what it means for Nationwide Children’s to operate as one.

To achieve full potential, we will focus on five areas where we believe we can use our unique attributes to have the highest impact on our special health care needs population and deliver measurable outcomes within five years. Those five areas negatively affecting children’s health are: prematurity, health supervision (access to care, immunizations and dental health), obesity, diabetes and asthma. Each area will have distinct target populations, start dates, ramp up periods and goals. Spotlight readers may recall reading about prematurity efforts in this year’s February issue and obesity efforts in last year’s April issue. These are not new topics for Nationwide Children’s, but expect to hear much more about them in the months ahead.

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