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Cores: Our Innovative Way of Moving 50+ Mouse Colonies across the Street

In addition to the many staff members who moved across the street to Research Building III, mice from more than 50 unique genetically modified mouse strains have to make their way across Parsons Avenue into the Research Building III vivarium.  Relocating live mice brings the risk of transferring pathogens and would require more than six weeks of costly quarantine in the new location.  

Instead, the Transgenic and Embryonic Stem Cell Core is approaching this logistic challenge with a novel adaption of mouse cryopreservation methods. The Core team has cryopreserved a large number of pre-implantation embryos from each strain by using vitrification, a rapid freezing method.  The team adapted this method to be even more time-efficient by storing embryos in standard cryovials rather than cumbersome freezing straws. Transfers of cryopreserved embryos into clean recipients at the new location are ongoing and will provide pathogen-free mice within three weeks after each transfer. Using this approach, mouse strains can also be kept in stasis as embryos inexpensively and indefinitely to be revived as required for experiments.

Contact: Dr. John McLaughlin; Transgenic and Embryonic Stem Cell Core;

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