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(From the March 2018 Issue of MedStat)

CareLink “New Look” Coming This April

Starting April 7, as part of Nationwide Children’s Epic EMR upgrade, CareLink will have a new user experience. Users will see a lighter color scheme to help make text easier to read. The toolbar in “In Basket” will also be reorganized so buttons that you more commonly use, such as “Reply” and “Done,” appear before less commonly used buttons. We hope that this change will make it easier for all CareLink users to navigate the system and find information about patients. If you have any questions about the new format, feel free to call the CareLink support line at (614) 355-3750 or email

Sign up for Ask a Specialist

Are you a clinician with a question you’d like to ask a pediatric specialist? Then the Nationwide Children’s Ask a Specialist program is here for you. This is your opportunity to remain clinically up-to-date, based on regional best practices and standards of care. Sent via email bi-weekly, you’ll get answers to your questions from local experts as well as answers to questions you never even knew you wanted answered. It’s free, convenient and, most of all, educational. Sign up today at

Asthma Express — A Valued Resource for PCPs and Patients

Homecare’s Asthma Express Program at Nationwide Children’s provides follow-up education and instruction to families of pediatric patients who suffer from severe asthma attacks. During the past couple years physicians who enrolled patients in Asthma Express experienced decreased ED utilization rates. Patient data through October 2017 reports that only 10.5 percent of patients enrolled in the Asthma Express Program visited the ED within 90 days or less. In comparison, 26 percent of patients diagnosed with asthma, and not enrolled in Asthma Express Program were seen in the ED within 90 days of their last visit to their primary care physician.

When children are referred to Asthma Express, they are scheduled for two home visits by a Homecare nurse specifically trained in pulmonary disease. The nurse meets with the family, provides a physical and environmental assessment to help educate the patient on their triggers. The patient’s medications and their asthma action plan are also reviewed by the nurse with the family, following the physician orders. Families learn how to identify and address asthma flare-ups and the importance of staying on prescribed medications to keep the disease in check. Follow-up with the patient’s PCP is provided once the program is complete.

For more information visit, or to make a referral call (614) 355-1100.

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