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Clinical Research Services: Collecting Data Points on Bariatric Surgery Patients

The number of bariatric surgeries being conducted in adolescents is on the rise.  Still, the lifelong impact of these surgeries is unclear.  

As part of a National-Institutes-of-Health-funded clinical research study called Teen Longitudinal Assessment of Bariatric Surgery (Teen-LABS), Clinical Research Services is helping Dr. Marc Michalsky gather data to understand the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery in adolescents.

Clinical Research Services staff is collecting more than 1,000 data points on adolescents who have undergone bariatric surgery.  Data points include physical, social and nutritional information and will be collected as the children age.  Dr. Michalsky was recently interviewed by the Today Show regarding our bariatric surgery efforts.
Clinical Research Services is currently conducting more than 53 clinical studies ranging from single-site phase I drug trials to observational longitudinal studies such as Teen LABS.

Contact: Paulla Davies

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