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Biopathology Center Freezer Farm Expansion Completed, Biospecimen Core Lab Renovation Ongoing

The Biopathology Center Kinnear Road Freezer Farm expansion at SciTech was occupied July 25. The facility added 4,670 sq. ft. of space (left) to the existing 4,020 sq. ft. This offsite does processing, banking, and distributing of biospecimens.

The Biopathology Center (BPC) is a CAP-accredited biorepository with the primary objective of long-term acquisition and storage of a large number of cancer, normal, and diseased biospecimens obtained from patients with Informed Consent, and related data for the purpose of supporting cutting edge research.

Work continues on the Wexner 2nd floor east side lab renovation for the Biospecimen Core Resource. The Biospecimen Core Resource (BCR) at Nationwide Children’s Hospital serves as the centralized tissue processing and clinical data collection center for The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA). TCGA, a coordinated effort supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Human Genome Research Institute, is working to accelerate the comprehensive understanding of the genetics of cancer using innovative genome analysis technologies. Anticipated completion is December of this year.

The Biospecimen Core Resource can provide a full range of services for researchers involved in biospecimen research wishing to enhance their biospecimen collection and research efforts. The core components include: Biospecimen Repository, Nucleic Acid Core, Morphology Core, and the Cell Line Core.

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