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Best Outcomes in the Words of Our Staff

(From the July/August 2013 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

We asked staff members, How are you helping to create the best outcomes for the children and families we serve? Here’s what they had to say…

I promote best outcomes by collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to advocate for family centered care and promote a positive coping experience for patients and their families.”
- Hollie Johnson, Child Life Specialist, Family and Volunteer Services

As a nurse in the Emergency Department I work to provide compassionate, evidence-based care and education to patients and their families during stressful and unexpected times of illness or injury.
- Julie M. Choueiki, RN, BSN, CPEN, DAISY Award Committee Chair, Emergency Department

I help patients who are having a difficult time communicating, thinking and swallowing after an injury or illness so that they can successfully and more independently return to their homes, schools and communities. I also help families understand the difficulties their children are experiencing so they know how best to help with recovery. I work with Ansley, the rehab therapy dog, who helps make treatment more fun and functional.  
-     Jennifer Lundine, MA, CCC-SLP, Speech-Language Pathologist

Our duty is to never be satisfied. Our duty is to keep getting better. We provide neonatal care as well as or better than anyone in the country, but we still have a ways to go. If we have great outcomes with 23 or 24 weekers this year, then next year we need to do great with 22 weekers. And 21 weekers the year after that. Until we're saving every baby.
-    Dr. Ed Shepherd, Section Chief, Neonatology

By analyzing genomic information in deeply phenotyped patients, we believe we can change the way the world thinks about state-of-the-art clinical care for children, and achieve the best possible outcomes.
-    Dr. John Barnard, President, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Here, people do what’s right. What’s right for the child, and that goes from stimulating the most innovative and exciting research to taking care of the little details that make hospitalization easier for the child.
-    Dr. Carlo DiLorenzo, Division Chief, Pediatric Gastroenterology


Best outcomes in the Gift Shop would be great customer service. Our mission is to be the happiest place in the hospital – away from the medical side of what we do here at NCH. We want to give our parents, families and staff a place to shop if need be a place to just talk. Everything matters and every staff member is motivated by that statement – each interaction is an opportunity to make the gift shop the happiest place on campus.
-    Cathy Ray, Manager, Gift Shop

We don’t want families to have to worry about the financial piece. What they need to worry about is the health of their child. If we can do something to make it better, we’ll do it. We’ll do anything and everything that it takes.
-    Molly Wiegerig, Manager, Westerville Patient Accounts


While I’m not involved in direct patient care, I see patients come and go. I like to say I put a smile on the face of the hospital. Patients tell me it makes them feel better.
-     Bobby Heise, Groundskeeper


We always push to do better and better, but I think we’ve earned our reputation as a national leader with our cleft lip and cleft palate program. Ultimately, our goal is to achieve the best outcomes and quality of life for our patients.
-    Dr. Richard Kirschner, Chief, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Best outcomes in my role means protecting information that belongs to patients and families by reducing the risks in the hospital’s online environment.
-    David Whittridge, Information Security and Risk Coordinator

I believe we are all united for the same reason – to make sure our patients and families get the best care. No position is too small to make a difference. Everyone has an important role in delivering best outcomes for our patients. If I can help keep a break room clean so that the nurses can eat breakfast at a clean table before they start their shift, I’m happy to do that because it makes a difference in their day and helps them take care of our patients.
-    Valerie Hall, Relief Housekeeper, Environmental Services

I help keep things in their proper place so that the nurses can find the supplies they need, when they need it, and that helps kids get better care and faster care.
-    Audrey Spence, Environmentalist, H5B

How are You Delivering Best Outcomes?
Whatever your role, everything you do matters. You are an important part of our success. Tell us how you're creaing best outcomes in your role. You could see your story on ANCHOR or "Inside Nationwide Children's." Visit ANCHOR/Your-Story-Matters to share your story.

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