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Best Outcomes in Safety and Service. Introducing the next phase of Zero Hero.

(From the November/December 2013 issue of Inside Nationwide Children's)

Our Zero Hero programs have helped us improve patient safety. Now those same great tools will help us keep our employees safe and also provide excellent service to our patient families.

We’ve made great strides in keeping our patients safe. Now, we’re going to use the same Zero Hero tools and strategies that have made Nationwide Children’s a national leader in patient safety to help keep our employees safe and provide excellent service.

When our Zero Hero program launched in 2009, we set an ambitious goal – to eliminate all preventable harm by the end of 2013. And we’ve made significant progress toward that goal. We’ve been highlighting Zero Hero Zones on our Preventable Harm Index to help identify the areas where we have achieved zero harm.

Now we’re extending our successful harm prevention efforts to employee safety.
We have been focused – rightfully so – on reducing patient harm. But we’re not stopping there – it’s our goal to eliminate all preventable harm. And it’s time for us to focus on creating a safer workplace. We’ll build on our Zero Hero success by applying the same principles – like 200 percent accountability – to employee safety. “By making employee safety a top priority, we’re protecting this hospital’s most important assets – each of our employees,” says Chief Operating Officer Rick Miller.

Why are we doing this?
One Nationwide Children’s employee is injured on the job every other day. And last year, 846 work days were lost due to injuries employees sustained on the job. The most common injuries include exposure to needle sticks, slips, trips and falls, and back injuries. Many of these injuries are preventable. Using the Zero Hero tools already in place, we can all help reduce the frequency of these injuries.

But that’s not all. We want to make sure every patient family has a great experience.
Eliminating preventable harm is only part of the story. We’re also going to focus on transforming the patient experience. In order to help each of you deliver excellent service to our patient families, we’ll arm you with tools to help resolve situations as they arise. “The way each of us interact with the families we serve, and the way we interact with each other, really shapes the patient experience,” explains Chief Nursing Officer Linda Stoverock.

Whether you work in a clinical area or a non-clinical setting, there are opportunities for every employee to deliver excellent service to our families every day.
In the hallways on main campus.
In the elevator.
In the Cafeteria.
In the parking garages and lots.
Even on the phone.

The ultimate goal is for each of us to be empowered problem solvers. It’s all about ensuring Best Outcomes in our interactions with families and each other.

What can you expect?
All employees are expected to attend training for both our Zero Hero: Employee Safety and Zero Hero: Service Excellence modules. Manager training began in October and staff training will begin in November and continue into 2014. There are different options for training so check with your manager and look for more information on ANCHOR and in other Nationwide Children’s publications.

Zero Hero: Five Years of Remarkable Progress
2013 has been a big year for our Zero Hero program. Here are just a few of our accomplishments.

  • Nationwide Children’s was the first pediatric institution to aspire to zero preventable harm and make it a public goal.
  • We were the first health care institution to develop a pediatric preventable harm index. The model is now used for both statewide and national patient safety efforts.
  • Zero Hero has prevented more than 500 events of harm, including 63 Serious Safety Events. And during the Zero Hero time period, overall hospital mortality has decreased 40 percent.
  • Since Zero Hero began, we’ve achieved a 50 percent reduction in actual harm and an 85 percent reduction in serious safety events.

The Zero Hero mentality is showing itself through our clinical caregivers’ most recent Safety Attitude Questionnaire. The vast majority of respondents agreed that we have a culture operating at the highest level. “These scores are a great testament to the hard work and dedication each employee has taken toward improving the safety and quality of our patient care. We are changing our culture and getting real results,” says Chief Medical Officer Rich Brilli. Interested in learning more about your unit’s results? Reach out to your manager to learn about your unit’s strengths.

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