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Award Received to Further Develop Tissue Engineered Intestine Technology

(From the August 2013 Issue of MedStat)

Nanofiber Solutions, LLC, in collaboration with Gail E. Besner, MD, chief of Pediatric Surgery at Nationwide Children’s, recently was honored with the Ohio Third Frontier Technology Validation and Start-up Fund award. Nanofiber Solutions, an Ohio-based start-up company, received a $100,000 grant to further develop the tissue engineered intestine technology developed in the lab of Dr. Besner, who also is principal investigator in the Center for Perinatal Research in The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s. The Besner Laboratory is presently collaborating with Nanofiber Solutions to develop tissue scaffolds for gastrointestinal conditions such as short bowel syndrome (SBS). SBS is a disease that affects newborns, children and adults with only limited treatment options. The joint efforts of Dr. Besner and Nanofiber Solutions could, for the first time, offer a comprehensive approach to designing new intestines for the treatment of SBS. This highly innovative technology has enormous clinical applicability that could revolutionize the care of patients with SBS.

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