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Authority to Consent to the Treatment and Care of a Minor

Risk Management

(From the September 2013 Issue of MedStat)

On a near daily basis, a staff person contacts Nationwide Children’s Department of Legal Services with a question about who is permitted to consent to the treatment and care of a minor. The intent of consent is to ensure that the patient and/or the legal guardian of the patient has the right to participate in the decision-making process for the patient’s plan of care and treatment, and that the risks and benefits of any proposed treatment plan are known and understood. Questions about consent come from all care-delivery settings where services are provided. The answer to who has the authority to consent can be complicated and, many times, reflective of the societal issues in the community around us. To help our staff answer their questions quickly about consent authority, the matrix was developed and attached to Nationwide Children’s Consent Policy. It details the most common relationships that we get questions about and includes references to the applicable sections of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC). Please see the insert in your September Medical Staff Mailing to learn more about authority to consent to the treatment and care of a minor. For more information, contact from Legal Services.

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