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Anticoagulation Clinic Offers Streamlined Treatment

(From the March 2014 Issue of PediatricsOnline)

Anticoagulation therapy has been used for decades in adults and children to treat thrombophilia and is a routine part of cancer, heart disease and congenital prothrombotic disorder treatment for many children. The adult world of therapy has utilized one-stop clinics for the management of anticoagulation medication for several years, but the convenience is still rare in pediatrics. To address this need, Nationwide Children’s Hospital has opened the Comprehensive Anticoagulation Management Clinic.

The clinic is staffed with medical and nursing personnel specializing in hematology, oncology and cardiology. They are experts in anticoagulation therapy and its use and potential complications associated with the many conditions requiring the treatment. Any patient that requires close monitoring for anticoagulation medications, such as warfarin, can be cared for at the clinic, which is located on the main campus of Nationwide Children’s and can accommodate eight patients per day during the week.

Children utilizing the clinic will receive simple finger pricks to determine whether the medication requires adjustment and can obtain results and a new prescription, if necessary, within a single, brief appointment. The Coaguchek blood test tool, which provides accurate results within seconds, will also be available soon in Nationwide Children’s satellite locations. “Those who do not come through the clinic would have to go to the lab to get their INR (international normalized ratio), wait for the lab results to be faxed, then wait for a call from their provider,” explains Jean Giver, RN, MSN, PNP-BC, manager of the clinic. “The clinic will get results in seconds, so patients can get their dose adjusted and be on their way.”

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